Building Partnerships and Networks

One of the aims of the GodsBusiness team is to build a network between different organisations and initiatives with a common goal. To produce a platform in the form of a business database that will link all these initiatives together, sharing members of the different initiatives and exposing the initiatives to a wider audience than its own members. Through the network exposure , all members will have direct access to all the different initiatives and this will result in a multiplicative growth effect for all.
We are in process of building relationships with the following initiatives:

The International Transformation Network (ITN)

International Transformation Network Africa
The International Transformation Network (ITN) is an association of marketplace and pulpit ministers who are building prototypes of transformation in government, education, business, communities, cities and nations across the world. ITN Africa is the African Chapter of ITN.

Africa has been blessed with an abundance of God-ordained ministries and business, government and education initiatives/movements that have laboured diligently to achieve incredible breakthroughs and victories in our nation. Building on this solid foundation, we seek to create opportunities to learn from the strengths, experience, knowledge and wisdom of each of these parts of the body of Christ, and through this unity and co-operation, to together seek practical and relevant answers for the problems which face Africa and the globe.

If what is resonating in our hearts is also resonating in yours - a passion to see the power and the presence of the Lord utterly change our nation, and the nations of the world - we would like to sincerely appeal to you to consider becoming a part of this network as together we seek God's answers for our country and continent!

(Source: The International Transformation Network (ITN) official web page (Power Group) -

Unashamedly Ethical

Unashamedly Ethical Campaign
Unashamedly Ethical is an independent ITN initiative to help promote ethical conduct amongst the people of South Africa, both in their professional and private capacity. If we can re-align our moral compass to defy corruption and self-serving business practices and instead promote value-based trading, ethical leadership and fair & just treatment of all in the business arena, it is sure to have an impact on our personal lives, communities and our nation.

This initiative is available to all who has an interest in the future of this country. We encourage all CEO's, Company Directors, shareholders and companies who value ethical, honest and fair business practices to become part of the unashamedly ethical process, to help pave the way to a better South Africa.

The Pledge
You simply sign a pledge form committing to uphold the values therein and be willing to be held accountable as an Unashamedly Ethical signatory or network partner, by your peers and associates. Although this is a collective commitment to see ethical business practices re-established in our society, it is also a personal challenge to hold ourselves to a higher standard and challenge the statuesque, by doing what is right, fair and just, both in business and in private. To commit to consistently conduct ourselves unashamedly ethical, not just in public, but even when no one is watching …

(Source: The International Transformation Network (ITN) official web page (Power Group) -